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From: Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2013 10:10 Pm To:

Dear Pak Jongki, You have worked for the past several months with Bella Tirtowalujo, a doctoral student at Michigan State University and one of the co-facilitators of the MSU Indonesia Study Tour. I know that you and Bella worked tirelessly to put together a program that would fit our very limited budget; I know as well that you revised that program several times as various requests and requirements came in from our side of the equation. I am writing now as the faculty member who led the tour, to provide feedback on the tour, on the services and personnel, and on the overall experience of the MSU group. Let me begin by thanking you profusely for the hard work you put in, and the many times you went back to revise the itinerary to meet our changing needs. I know we were a challenging group, and you did a splendid job setting up a program that was wide-ranging, diverse, economical, and of high quality. I especially want to compliment you on the Java staff that accompanied us in Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta. Pak Kandi, Pak Udin and Mas Oman were wonderful—they became part of our group, and an important part of our introduction to Indonesia. They were helpful, thoughtful, cooperative, skilled in their own ways at what they were asked to do and so much more. Pak Kandi, the guide, seems to know everything (!); his English is impeccable, his good humor unflagging. He was flexible and innovative, and found ways to meet our ever-changing needs that were creative and responsive. He is a wonderful story-teller, both on and off the microphone. What a great way to learn about the island of Java and history of Indonesia! Pak Udin, the driver, was also wonderful; he always made us feel we were in good hands—and we were. It was hard to believe some of the tight spaces he got us into and out of—all with the help of Oman, who anticipated our needs (met us with umbrellas when we were shopping before we even realized it was raining!) and greeted us each day with his warm and welcoming smile. The trio was a highlight of our first two weeks, and I sincerely hope we get to work with all three of them again. The Bali staff was also good, but our time with them was shorter and our interactions were limited; Pak Murjana was knowledgeable and thoughtful and also a good storyteller and we appreciated very much the time we spent with him. As well, most of the eating places were extremely good. Our favorites were Dapur Babah, Atmosphere, the village lunch near Borobudur, and the Jimbaran seaside meal, which was a great way to end the trip. I was very grateful for the excellent vegetarian options that were arranged by Pak Kandi. We at MSU will be rethinking our side of things so that our next visit will not need to have so many changes--this first time meant we had a lot to learn from the institutional side of things (like budgets and schedules) and the Indonesia side of things; in the meantime, thank you for all the ways you supported our plans from afar, and revised the schedule (and accommodations) in the moment. Terima Kasih, Dr. Laura Apol Michigan State University East Lansing, MI, 48824

Email From Club Viajar Portugal

From: Margarida Canhola [Clube Viajar] [] Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 2:32 PM To: Subject: RE: CLUBE VIAJAR VIAGENS TURISMO LDA Dear Peppi and Adelina, Just a few words to thank YOU for your excellent co-operation! All of those here in Clube Viajar that have already worked with you are extremely satisfied with your work and professionalism! We (Clube Viajar – Travel Agency and Viajar Tours – Tour Operator) are in process of obtaining a Quality Certificate and it is extremely important for us to have reliable suppliers, like you, that provide services with quality. So, once again, thank you! Best regards, Margarida Canhola Director of Sales & Contracting Clube Viajar Rua Damião de Góis, 21 - 4050-225 Porto (Portugal)

Email From Ms. Julia Kaufmann

From: Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 4:43 PM To: Subject: A big applause to All of you!! Dear All Cooworkers from Worldtour 2011 I am back in Switzerland, where the sun shines and I take some days off to settle down, unpack my suitcase and wash laundry and try to start my swiss life again. I want to thank all of you, who were involved in the World Tour 2011 and made this Tour a successful trip for all of us. The guests disembarked very happy in Zurich already asking when the next trip is taking place. You all did a excellent job wheter it was in Cuba, Easter Island, Tahiti, Sydney, Indonesia, Myanmar, India or Oman, without you, it wouldn't have been possible!! Julia Kaufmann Tour Coordinator Globus Reisen

Letter From Mr. Fabian Grass

Mr. Fabian Grass Rue de Vermont 42 1202 Geneva Switzerland Email: Geneva, 13 July 2011 Dear sir or madam, I would like take this opportunity to express our great satisfaction with your tour guide, Drs. Oka Gurnitha, as well as with the round trip your agency so kindly organized for me and my wife. We booked our round trip this April 2011 in Indonesia (Java and Bali) with Travelhouse and Wettstein, and we toured Java from 6 to 21 April 2011 (Wettstein tour "classic Java"). Our journey led us from Jakarta to Bogor, Bandung, Wonosobo, Yogyakarta, Blitar, Mt. Bromo, and to Surabaya from where we continued our trip to Bali. On this round trip on Java we were accompanied by Drs. Oka Gurnitha as our tour guide and Mr Wes (whose full name we unfortunately forgot) as our driver. While we were very satisfied with the tour programme, the sightseeing, all hotels and transportation means, we would like to stress in particular how happy we were with Drs. Oka Gurnitha as our tour guide. We got to know and appreciate Drs. Oka Gurnitha as a highly competent tour guide who was able to answer all of our questions in very good and fluent German, with great patience, a lot of passion and with very impressive local knowledge. Hence, we do not hesitate to recommend Drs. Oka Gurnitha, and therefore also Nusa Ina Leisure to our friends and colleagues at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are convinced that Drs. Oka Gurnitha should be selected as the standard choice for any German speaking tourist group visiting Indonesia - Java and Bali in particular. We are happy to answer any questions you might have, should you require more information about our satisfaction and happiness with the services provided by Drs. Oka Gurnitha. With best regards from Switzerland, Fabian Grass