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Lake Toba

Parapat - North Sumatra, Indonesia

Lake Toba, situated on Earth's largest caldera, has a volcanic origin and was formed approximately 70,000 years ago. It may sound like a riddle but Lake Toba is situated on an island, which again is in a lake! If you didn't get it, read again. It is indeed one of the popular Indonesia tourist places in the whole world. Swim in the volcanically warmed water. Besides, it is perfect to relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings of this beautiful place in Indonesia.

The climate at Lake Toba gets cold. Keeping woolen clothing with you should come in handy.

Best Time To Visit: May and September

How To Reach: Medan is an international gateway. Parapat, the town by Lake Toba, is 176 km away from Medan and can be reached in under 6 hours by public buses that follow two routes: Medan-Parapat or via Medan-Berastagi.

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